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Thousands of organizations around the world are working on solutions to climate change. But climate change is a “wicked” problem, and the last 30 years suggests we may not be able to solve it.

The Climate Web is a collective climate change intelligence pulling together the work and thinking of thousands of experts to facilitate access to actionable climate knowledge. Whether you are approaching climate change as a business decision-maker, policy maker, philanthropist, or concerned individual, the Climate Web can help you access knowledge you can use.

Discover Open Access

Based on 20,000 hours of climate knowledge curation, the Climate Web gives you a massive head start in exploring almost any climate change topic through tens of thousands of books, reports, papers, news and opinion pieces, videos, websites, and more. With thousands of Index Entries and Topical Headings, you can quickly zero in on the topic or question in which you are most interested. All available to you online.

Discover Premium Access

If you’re seriously exploring climate change, are professionally involved with tackling climate change, or are responsible for aspects of climate change from a business perspective, you’ll want to consider Premium Access.

Not only will you have full access to the 25,000+ hours of knowledge curation already represented by the Climate Web, you’ll benefit from more than 2,000 hours a year of additional knowledge curation. It’s like having your own personal climate change research assistant.

Discover Customization of the Climate Web

We can adapt the Climate Web to serve specific business and individual needs, and facilitate access to actionable knowledge..

  • Personalized Dashboards can instantly link you to places in the Climate Web of most relevance to you.
  • Custom Dashboards can explore topics and organize materials relevant to a company’s or organization’s needs, organize teaching materials for a course, or allow your own website visitors to access the Climate Web within your website.
  • Topical “slices” of the Climate Web, or even the entire Climate Web, can be downloaded and integrated into your own knowledge management system, with full flexibility to reorganize information to make it more fit-for-purpose.
  • With selected staff trained as Climate Web super-users, a TeamBrain version of the Climate Web can serve as a climate change research department on a disk for your company, consulting firm, or law firm.

Want a gradual introduction?

Explore the Climate Web's advanced capabilities a little bit at a time by signing up for the Climate Web Patreon Project at any level. We'll send you periodic access to new Topical Dashboards. 

What Clients Say

"Ability to translate highly technical information"

"We worked with the Climatographers for many years, starting in 1996 when they briefed us on the then-new idea of carbon offsets. We highly recommend the team for just about anything."

Nancy Hirshberg

Hirshberg Strategic


"Like having 100 leading experts at the table"

"Having the Climate Web available is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table."

Project Manager

Fortune 100 client


"Unsurpassed knowledge of climate change risk"

"The Climatographers' deep knowledge of climate change risk is unsurpassed. Their knowledge, analytic capabilities, and ability to communicate a complex issue is extremely impressive."

Eirik Nyhus

Det Norske Veritas


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