The Climate Web

Explore What We Collectively Know About the Causes of, the Risks From, and the Solutions to Global Heating (Climate Change)


1. The Ultimate Climate Change Filing Cabinet

The Climate Web curates more than 100,000 books, reports, news stories, opinion pieces, videos, websites, and MUCH more. Thousands of easily searchable Index Entries get you where you want to go very easily, and because the Index Entries are all linked together, you can literally click your way through thousands of topics relating to global heating (climate change).

2. Actionable Climate Knowledge

After creating the ultimate climate change filing cabinet, the Climate Web focuses on delivering actionable climate knowledge. Here's how: 1) by extracting and organizing thousands of the best graphics and ideas from books, reports, and news stories; 2) by authoring hundreds of "Insights Pages" to bring users up to speed on key climate topics; 3) by creating Topical Dashboards to help users explore specific questions, e.g. "The Carbon Price Required to Achieve Global Targets,"; and 4) by providing Tours, Ebooks, and Mini-Courses providing even more options for accessing actionable climate knowledge.   

3. Your Own Personal Research Assistant

Anyone can take advantage of Open Access to the Climate Web to leverage thousands of hours of the Climatographers' curation of climate knowledge. Premium Access, however, turns the Climate Web into your personal climate change research assistant. By providing instant access to thousands of otherwise "private" Index Entries and Topical Headings, Climate Web Premium Access saves you a great deal of time. 

4. A Customizable Knowledge Solution

Turn "slices" of the Climate Web, or a copy of the entire Climate Web, into your own fit-for-purpose climate risk knowledge management solution. This option is ideal for advisory companies and law firms, and the Climatographers can help rapidly adapt the Climate Web to firms' knowledge management needs. Including training super-users in your organization!   

5. Business Decision Support

Climate change is a "perfect storm" for business decision-making. The Climatographers authored the first business climate risk textbook in 2011, and, anticipating how rapidly "climate risk" conversations would evolve, the Climatographers simultaneously launched the Climate Web as a business decision-support tool. Today, the Climate Web helps the Climatographers cost-effectively support business decision-making needs, whether through Climate Assumption Audits, Climate Pre-Mortems, Scenario Planning, Carbon Offset SWOTs, and more. Visit the Climatographers' website to learn more.  

What Are Your Options? 

Open Access

There is a lot you can explore in the Climate Web on an Open Access basis!

Premium Access

Dig into hundreds of climate-relevant topics. 

Custom Products

Your own fit-for-purpose knowledge management solutions.

What Climate Web Users Say 

The Climate Web and the Climatographers offer the most balanced and comprehensive basis for risk assessment and risk management available.

George Backus

Risk Expert, Sandia Nat'l Lab (ret)

The Climate Web is a unique (and massive) resource for climate decision-making

Dr. Peter Carver

Climate Scientist, Climate Emergency Institute

The Climate Web is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table.

Environment Director

Fortune 100 Company

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