Welcome to the Climate Web

Welcome to the Climate Web

Because Climate Information Should Be A Means Towards Climate Progress, Not An End In Itself


Scientists have been warning about climate change for 30 years, and we’re already seeing the signs of much more dangerous climate change to come.

A concerned citizen, business executive, or policy-maker each has his or her own internal “climate story” upon which their climate-relevant decisions are based.

The information that would influence these “climate stories” in favor of more aggressively tackling climate change exists. But there’s a big problem. We just never see the information that would most influence our internal climate stories and decision-making. We’ll call that information actionable knowledge.

The Climate Web changes that. It can help you assemble actionable knowledge from the information, ideas, and graphics contained in thousands of books, reports, news stories, videos, and more. More sources are added every day, and Climate Web Doorways can help you instantly access those parts of the Climate Web most relevant to you.

The Climate Web literally gives you a thousand-hour head start on advancing your internal climate story or supporting any climate-relevant decision-making in which you are engaged. It is Open Access; you can explore it for a few minutes, a few days, or a few weeks. You’ll be amazed at what you can find on almost any climate-relevant topic.

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