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Many resources in the Climate Web are available to anyone on an Open Access basis. That’s not true of all of the Climate Web’s curated knowledge, however, and there are a number of options for maximizing the value of the Climate Web to achieve your climate change goals.

If you don’t see what you need, let us know what you would like to see. We can customize the Climate Web’s content or develop new content to respond to almost any climate-related need.

Personalized Access to the Climate Web

The Climate Web is a massive knowledgebase. Personalized Access gives you your own unique “front door” into the Climate Web, linking you to the topics of particular interest to you. With your personal URL you’ll never be more than a click away from the topics and resources you need. Click to learn more and purchase.

Premium Access to the Climate Web

Premium Access unlocks hundreds of specialized collections of curated information not available on an open-access basis, and allows you to download the Climate Web to your PC or Mac desktop, or your iOS or Android mobile device. The downloaded Climate Web Is much faster to use, and makes it much easier to take advantage of the range of Premium Access capabilities. Your downloaded read-only copy of the Climate Web reflects all of the additions and improvements being made to the Climate Web (equivalent to more than 1 FTE of dedicated time), and works with the Free or Pro versions of TheBrain® software.  Click to learn more and purchase. 

Shared Team Brain

Shared TeamBrain access to the Climate Web includes Premium Access to the Climate Web, but allows you to modify the organization of the Climate Web to better suit your own applications and needs. Your modifications can then be shared with colleagues via on-line access. The Shared TeamBrain option includes specialized training and ongoing support from the Climatographers, as well as access to all of the materials being added to the primary Climate Web.  It requires purchase of a TeamBrain license. Click to learn more and purchase.  

Build Your Own Knowledge Management System

You can use the Climate Web as the starting point for your own internal knowledge management system, saving you thousands of hours. Download the entire Climate Web, or specific topical slices of the Climate Web, and have complete freedom to organize and re-organize everything to best meet your needs. The Climatographers will be available to support work on your knowledge management system with training, updating, and customization if desired. Click to learn more and purchase.

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