Build Your Own KM System

Climate Web Knowledge Management

Use the Climate Web as the starting point for your own internal knowledge management system. You can have your own internal knowledge management system up and running  in a day, saving you thousands of hours.  

Take advantage of the entire Climate Web or of specific “slices” of the Climate Web as the core of your knowledge management system.  You’ll have complete freedom to organize everything to best meet your needs. The Climatographers will provide advanced training in using the Climate Web for up to two Super Users who can serve as the key climate change knowledge management focal points in your organization.

The Climatographers are available to support work on your knowledge management system with additional training, updating, and customization if desired. 

A free Premium Access license is included to allow you to continue to track the evolution of the Climate Web itself. 

Purchase the entire Climate Web for $9,999, or individual slices as shown below.*

*The purchase of individual Climate Web slices does not include dedicated training from the Climatographers. Contact Us for more information.

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