Living Up to the Potential of Actionable Climate Knowledge

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Ten years ago I saw a presentation by the authors of the book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything. It’s about how human beings make decisions, and by implication how individuals’ decisions can be influenced by getting them the right information at the right time. But not just any information, and often not the information we’re delivering when we give a presentation or point clients or an audience to a new report.

The authors noted that every human decision, no matter how large or how small, relies on two determinations: 1) Is the topic of the decision worth my engagement?; and 2) Can my decision make any difference to whatever makes it “worth it” to me? They also noted that the information needed to answer these two questions is very individualistic. Simply telling people why they “should” care enough to make a decision — perhaps based on explaining why you care — is unlikely to deliver the actionable knowledge that will influence how others will answer the two questions. That said, individuals facing decisions will be receptive to actionable knowledge that helps them answer their two questions for themselves.

I had been a successful climate change management consultant for 20 years when I saw the Influencer presentation. Yet I instantly realized how much impact I was leaving on the table in failing to focus more on delivering actionable climate knowledge to the decision-makers with whom I was interacting. But while there is an infinity of information out there on what decision-makers of all kinds and all levels “should” be doing about climate, I knew of nothing that focused on helping advisors like me access the individualized climate knowledge that might be “actionable” for specific clients and other decision-makers.

We at the Climatographers started building the Climate Web the day after seeing that presentation. Today, the Climate Web organizes potentially actionable climate knowledge from tens of thousands of books, reports, news stories, videos, and more. TheBrain® software used to build the Climate Web is not immediately intuitive to everyone; in fact, there is so much information there that it can be overwhelming. But the Climate Web is an actionable knowledge tool that works. As noted by one Fortune 100 user, “the Climate Web is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy at the decision-making table with you.” Those “100 leading experts” greatly increase the likelihood that the right climate information will get to the right decision-maker at the right time.

The Climate Web is an actionable knowledge tool that works. 

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Ten years after that Influencer presentation, the need for actionable climate knowledge to influence climate change decision-making has never been greater. And for various reasons, business decision-makers are probably more open to the right climate information at the right time than ever before. That doesn’t make the job easy; helping them answer their “is it worth it?” and “can I do it?” questions about climate change in the affirmative may require information about the impacts of climate change on their grandchildren, or on their favorite recreational activity, or their customers’ changing thinking about climate change, or options for making the company more resilient to climate change, or the systemic business risks posed by climate change. Those are just a few of the many variables likely to be individually relevant to specific decision-makers.

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The Climate Web can give you a big advantage in delivering actionable climate knowledge to business decision-makers and others, including advisory clients and potential clients. The Climatographers want to help you do just that. Check out our website and even explore the Climate Web itself. Just don’t expect it be as simple (or as ineffective) as a Google search. 

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The Climatographers can help you take advantage of the Climate Web for your advisory and other climate knowledge needs.

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