At Least 3.5 Degrees?

August 1, 2021

Evidence-based decision-making is what the Climate Web is all about. George Backus, a risk expert, has written quite a bit on this topic, and we cover his work extensively in the Climate Web. So when he sent me a brand new study last week in which he concludes that 3.5oC is about the best we’re likely to be able to achieve when it comes to addressing climate change this century, we took a closer look.

Our conclusion is that George’s new study is important. Moreover, it’s worth your time to understand it.

Why? Because its conclusions are relevant to almost every major climate change conversation underway today: 

  • Are you focused on the 1.5oC and 2oC target conversations? Great. But what if they’re simply not achievable?
  • Are you focused on the business risk and risk management conversations? Good. Then you should be considering what 3.5oC would mean.
  • Are you focused on natural climate solutions conversations? Good. But how many of those “solutions” would even survive 3.5 degrees?

The study clocks in at 300 pages (there are a lot of graphics), and it took us three days to get through it and integrate it comprehensively into the Climate Web. But now it’s there!

Are you focused on the 1.5oC and 2oC target conversations? Great. But what if they’re simply not achievable?

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Here’s how you can now take advantage of our work:

  1. We’ve prepared a 1,200 word summary of the study which you can read at the Climatographers’ Substack. The Substack summary will point you to where we’ve pulled together a substantial selection of the most insightful graphics from the study, as well as to where you can find George’s other work in the Climate Web, and more.
  2. You can dig into the report in the Climate Web itself, where we’ve extracted a lot of key information. You can also read or download the report itself. Here’s the link.
  3. If you want an in-depth webinar for your organization or company to fully explore the report and its implications -- call us or drop us an email, and let’s talk!

On a separate note, we recently published a series of Roadmaps to topics in the Climate Web. There’s something there for everyone. Check out the Roadmap website.

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