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Your Climate PhD

course cover your climate PhD

In addition to our new online textbook Your Climate MBA, we have Your Climate Change PhD. It focuses more on what a typical individual interested in climate change might want to know. The Your Climate Change PhD course will not actually result in your being awarded a PhD or any other degree, but it does pull […]

Your Climate MBA!

With the growing profile of climate change as a societal and business problem, more and more companies are charging employees with one or another aspects of the “business and climate change” conversation. This includes everything from carbon footprinting, risk assessment, scenario planning and public relations, to policy development and advocacy. Eight years ago, when Simon Dietz […]

Who Would You Invite to a Serious “Save the Climate”​ Strategy Session?

There have been hundreds of climate change conferences over the years, most with no ambition to come up with a strategy for “saving the climate.” Plenty of “calls to action,” and plenty of statements of what “needs to happen,” but coming up with a plausibly workable strategy is much harder than reiterating yet again what […]

Playing Climate Chess Against the Ultimate Wicked Problem

chess board with globe on top

Google “climate change” and you’ll get almost 500 million hits in less than a second. Indeed, almost any climate-relevant search term will generate millions of hits. That’s an overwhelming amount of information. Is it any surprise that most people interested in climate change have given up trying to track and understand more than the narrowest […]

Find Climate Web Founder, Dr. Mark Trexler, on The Costa Report

Listen to Rebecca Costa’s interview with The Climate Web’s director and founder, Dr. Mark C. Trexler, on her nationally syndicated radio show, The Costa Report. Costa is the author of the new On the Verge, an exploration of futures, foresight, and predictions, and the 2010 The Watchman’s  Rattle, a book that explores the difficulties in solving […]