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Should You Buy Carbon Offsets?

carbon offsets for sale

We have completed our Should You Buy Carbon Offsets? Ebook, which adds to our collection of free climate change Ebooks (available for download here).   After years of decline, carbon offset markets seem on the verge of dramatic growth. Individuals, companies, and even entire sectors (the aviation and maritime sectors in particular) increasingly look to voluntary […]

A Climate Web Topical Roadmap: Carbon Offsets

man walking with many road choices

The Climate Web is a large climate change knowledge management system. Our Topical Roadmaps help you explore specific topics in more depth, taking advantage of specially curated collections of documents, news stories, websites, and more.   Topical Roadmaps like this one are intended to provide the context for pointing you to those information collections, rather […]

Challenging Sustainability Greenwishing With . . . More Greenwishing?

When it comes to investment manager Duncan Austin’s new paper “Greenwish: The Wishful Thinking Undermining the Ambition of Sustainable Business,” I first want to congratulate him on inventing (as far as I can tell) the term “Greenwish.” It is a great term that offers flexibility in characterizing the wide divergence between corporate good intentions and […]

The Five Truths of Climate Change

stylized chess piece protester holding up sign

Climate change is a wicked problem, making it really hard to tackle. The Earth is committed to about as much warming as a million species (and a few billion humans) can handle without dangerous disruption. A low-carbon transition is currently underway, and will dramatically reduce the warming impact of human activities. There are virtually no […]

The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Catastrophic Messaging?

national climate assessment cover image

The recently released Fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) has received a great deal of attention due to the severity of climate change impacts the report portrays. The NCA and the IPCC’s recently released 1.5 Degrees Special Report together have been widely characterized as portraying a climate change state of emergency. Some observers have gone […]

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