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Are You Really Ready to Take One for Climate Change?

3 monkeys see no evil hear no evil

There is no doubt that any push to rapidly tackle climate change would disrupt the global energy economy. It would also affect the business models of millions of companies tied into that global system. Advocates for climate action often try to portray the low carbon transition required to tackle climate change as a societal and […]

If Blockchain and Bitcoin are the Solution, What Was the Problem?

woman looking into crystal ball - blockchain and climate change

If you’re interested in climate change, you’ve probably seen a lot of discussion not only about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) will change the world, but how they’ll help solve climate change. There is no question that these new digital technologies will change the world. They already are. How much of an impact they’ll […]

If Only We Knew What We Know About Climate Change in Oregon

20 years of climate action in Oregon

When it comes to climate change, Carla Odell’s “if only we knew what we know,” is an apt metaphor, particularly given Woodrow Wilson’s point that “there is not an idea in our heads that has not been worn shiny by someone else’s brains.” Imagine what we could accomplish on climate change in Oregon if everyone […]

Are Blockchain and Bitcoin Relevant to Climate Change?

If you’re interested in climate change you’ve probably seen references to how blockchain and cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) will help solve climate change.  We’ve recently comprehensively incorporated this topic into the Climate Web. A good starting point is the Blockchain Index Entry into the Climate Web, and yesterday I used the Climate Web to deliver an […]

The Water Will Come: Tackling Willful Blindness on Climate Change

cover of Goodell book and blog title is there willful blindness on sea level rise

Jeff Goodell’s book, The Water Will Come, was recently released as another addition to the sea level rise bookshelf. But the question the book really raises is one of willful blindness and whether we can overcome that willful blindness on sea level rise in particular, and on climate change in general. In this post, I’ll […]

A Climate Change Circular Firing Squad

There’s a lot that’s new with the Climate Web! First, please visit and subscribe to our brand new Climate Web YouTube Channel. It’s already a great resource for getting introduced to the Climate Web and for exploring it in depth — and it will get much better. Since the Climate Web points you to more than […]

Climate Fiction Daily Doorway

I mentioned in our last What’s New earlier this week that we’ve started building Doorways into the Climate Web to facilitate access to topics of cross-cutting interest. We just published today’s Climate Web Doorway focused on Climate Fiction. I’ve always been a Sci-Fi buff and so Cli-Fi was a natural extension of my interest. It […]

What’s New in the Climate Web: Climate Doorways

Lots of new additions to the Climate Web recently! We’ve added Climate Liability News to the 100 or so websites in the Climate Web focused on climate change. The idea of assessing liability for GHG emissions is VERY challenging, but now there’s a site tracking the idea day to day. The Climate Web has been comprehensively […]

Creating Climate Knowledge for You on Patreon

I have been working on responses to climate change and climate change decision-making for almost 30 years. I’ve served on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but most of my career has been spent working with organizations around the world on everything to do with climate change. Whether calling it climate change or global […]

Climate Change and Hurricanes

Watch our new video! In this video, we explore media coverage of the links between climate change and Hurricane Harvey, and evaluate the common assertion that we can now finally stop debating whether such links exist (an assertion we heard after Hurricane Katrina by the way). The video doesn’t advocate for or against climate science, […]