Should You Buy Carbon Offsets?

carbon offsets for sale

We have completed our Should You Buy Carbon Offsets? Ebook, which adds to our collection of free climate change Ebooks (available for download here). After years of decline, carbon offset markets seem on the verge of dramatic growth. Individuals, companies, and even entire sectors (the aviation and maritime sectors in particular) increasingly look to voluntary offsets to […]

A Climate Web Topical Roadmap: Carbon Offsets

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The Climate Web is a large climate change knowledge management system. Our Topical Roadmaps help you explore specific topics in more depth, taking advantage of specially curated collections of documents, news stories, websites, and more. Topical Roadmaps like this one are intended to provide the context for pointing you to those information collections, rather than to […]

Your Climate PhD

course cover your climate PhD

In addition to our new online textbook Your Climate MBA, we have Your Climate Change PhD. It focuses more on what a typical individual interested in climate change might want to know. The Your Climate Change PhD course will not actually result in your being awarded a PhD or any other degree, but it does pull […]

Your Climate MBA!

With the growing profile of climate change as a societal and business problem, more and more companies are charging employees with one or another aspects of the “business and climate change” conversation. This includes everything from carbon footprinting, risk assessment, scenario planning and public relations, to policy development and advocacy. Eight years ago, when Simon Dietz […]

Challenging Sustainability Greenwishing With . . . More Greenwishing?

When it comes to investment manager Duncan Austin’s new paper “Greenwish: The Wishful Thinking Undermining the Ambition of Sustainable Business,” I first want to congratulate him on inventing (as far as I can tell) the term “Greenwish.” It is a great term that offers flexibility in characterizing the wide divergence between corporate good intentions and […]

Who Would You Invite to a Serious “Save the Climate”​ Strategy Session?

There have been hundreds of climate change conferences over the years, most with no ambition to come up with a strategy for “saving the climate.” Plenty of “calls to action,” and plenty of statements of what “needs to happen,” but coming up with a plausibly workable strategy is much harder than reiterating yet again what […]

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