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Why Use The Bonus Mini-Courses?

The role of individuals in tackling climate change has been hotly debated for years. Our Bonus Mini-Courses on climate change topics help you better understand how you can most effectively confront climate change. 

What Are The Bonus Mini-Courses?

  • ​​climate change bipartisanship
    A comprehensive look at Frederic Rich's thinking in Getting to Green - Saving Nature: A BiPartisan Solution.
  • Looking at Climate Change Through the Eyes of Earth’s History
    Helping you explore what the Earth's history has to tell us about the Earth's future.
  • ​​What to Know Before Buying Carbon Offsets
    A comprehensive look at the question of whether you want to buy carbon offsets.
  • ​​​History of Land Use as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
    A look at the discussion over the potential role of forestry and land-use change in mitigating climate change.
  • ​​​What Might Really Solve Climate Change?
    A look at a proposed evidence-based climate change strategy that builds upon the last 30 years of climate policy failures.
  • ​​​Why Systems Thinking is Key to Mitigating Climate Change
    Explore Dan Heath's excellent book Upstream and the larger topic of systems thinking (which will be critical to any climate solution).
  • Blockadia as Climate Change Solution?  
    Explore Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything and the larger topic of climate activism.
  • The Psychology and Communication of Climate Change    
    A comprehensive look at the topics of the psychology and communication of climate change.
  • Who Said What About Climate Change: 1957 – 1989      
    A look at some of the information in Nathaniel Rich's excellent book Losing Earth.

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Having the Climate Web available is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table.

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The Climate Web is a unique (and massive) resource for climate decision-making.

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We worked with Mark's team for many years at Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, starting in 1996 when he briefed us on the then-new idea of carbon offsets. Mark is a rare breed of consultant- deep expertise, yet an ability to translate highly technical information and make it easily understandable. Mark is a brilliant, creative, strategic thinker. We highly recommend him and his team for just about anything!

Nancy Hirshberg ... Hirshberg Strategic

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