Business Risk Dashboard

Business Risk Dashboard

In the face of growing uncertainties about where the U.S. is headed on climate change in the aftermath of the 2016 elections, companies face increased uncertainty and risk (even if some will interpret the elections as initiating a “risk holiday”). The Business Risk Dashboard can be of immense help in managing that uncertainty.

The Climate Web can help you explore almost any aspect of climate change. The Business Risk Dashboard focuses on informing company thinking on topics ranging from potential carbon pricing and carbon markets, to consumer responses, climate activism, state and local policies and measures, and climate litigation, among other factors. The Business Risk Dashboard tracks 40 different variables categorized into 4 groups:chart of materiality from red to green

  • 1st Order Climate Impact Variables. These are variables associated with climate change itself, from sea level rise to extreme events and direct economic impacts.
  • 2nd Order Climate Response Variables. These are variables associated with societal and public responses to climate change, from carbon pricing to state and local policy, adaptation mandates, and disruptive activism.
  • Leading Indicator Variables. These variables may signal coming changes in the business risk landscape, from investor thinking to public opinion, risk disclosure rules, and climate litigation.
  • Scenario Materiality Variables. These variables explore different scenarios in play, from a return to 350 ppm to 2oC to Business as Usual, and explore materiality considerations associated with each scenario, looking through business decision-makers’ eyes.   

The status of each variable is summarized on a single dashboard slide and short video. Additional information is organized for reference as desired. Almost every variable is assigned a “current materiality” and “potential materiality” rating to make it easy to see a changing risk and opportunity decision-making environment.

The Business Risk Dashboard is a subscription service. Contact us for a free trial or demonstration.