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Carbon pricing is one of the most commonly discussed solutions to climate change. But how should carbon be priced? Whose decision-making is carbon pricing supposed to influence? What’s the right carbon price to accomplish that objective? These questions pose significant challenges, which is why so many different carbon pricing conversations are actually underway.

Understanding and influencing carbon pricing conversations means getting beyond a simple message that “carbon pricing is good.” The Climatographers have spent hundreds of hours organizing relevant carbon pricing information to help you participate in carbon pricing conversations. The thinking of numerous experts and thought leaders is available to you on an open-access basis in the Climate Web’s Carbon Pricing Deep Dive

In addition to the open-access Deep Dive, we offer several other ways users can access carbon pricing information that might be more suited to individual needs:

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    Carbon Pricing 101 Doorway
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    Carbon Pricing Doorway Collection
  • Downloadable Carbon Pricing Deep Dive
  • Personalized Carbon Pricing Solutions

Carbon Pricing 101 Doorway

The Carbon Pricing 101 Climate Web Doorway offers an overview of carbon pricing on a single-screen (a compressed view of which you can see in the screenshot at right). The Carbon Pricing 101 Doorway introduces and explains key carbon pricing issues through explanatory pop-up slides. It directs users to a selective list of insightful graphics, news stories, reports, videos, and websites. Carbon Pricing 101 lets you dig into the topic of carbon pricing through topical headings and index entries that lead you to resource collections in the Climate Web. We regularly update Carbon Pricing 101 with new information and materials, allowing you to track key carbon pricing conversations, allowing you to track key carbon pricing conversations.

One year of access to Carbon Pricing 101 is available for the introductory price of $9.99.

Carbon Pricing Doorway Collection

The Carbon Pricing Doorway Collection starts with Carbon Pricing 101. As shown in the screenshot at right, it goes much further in helping you explore individual carbon pricing conversations. Each Doorway contains selected graphics, news stories, reports, and more to help you explore that particular conversation. The Carbon Pricing Doorway Collection is regularly updated and enhanced, including through the addition of new carbon pricing conversations based on user feedback.

One year of access to the Carbon Pricing Doorway Collection is available for the introductory price of $49.99.  

Build Your Own Carbon Pricing Solution

As already noted, the Climate Web’s Carbon Pricing Deep Dive is a comprehensive repository of information. The topical headings shown in the screenshot at right selectively illustrate how sources (S), news stories (N), and ideas (K) can be accessed through the Carbon Pricing Deep Dive.

But there is no “correct” way to organize all this information. Many people wanting to take advantage of the hundreds of hours of work that have gone into the Carbon Pricing Deep Dive would like to organize the information to fit their own ways of thinking, particularly since the desktop version of the TheBrain® software is much more powerful than the web interface.

Now you can do exactly that by downloading the Carbon Pricing Deep Dive and modifying it to your own ends. TheBrain® software makes it remarkably simple, even with the free version of the software!

Download the Carbon Pricing Deep Dive for the introductory price of $499 (contact us for NGO and academic pricing).

Customized Carbon Pricing Solutions

You may have specific carbon pricing questions you would like answered, or specific ways you would like to see carbon pricing information organized, but you don’t want to download and reorganize the entire Carbon Pricing Deep Dive. We can structure customized carbon pricing knowledge solutions for you, tackling questions ranging from simple to complicated. You can even embed the resulting Doorway on your own website if you want your website audience to have access to that information. 

Customized carbon pricing solutions start at just $99.

Any of our actionable knowledge solutions can help you influence carbon pricing conversations currently underway, while leveraging many hundreds of hours of the Climatographers’ work.

And remember -- you are free to explore a huge amount of carbon pricing information on your own in the Climate Web. If you choose to do so, we’d appreciate your support of our Patreon Project, dedicated to keeping the Climate Web open access! 

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