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November 4, 2022

It's not easy to figure out how to bring MBA and JD students, as well as MBA and JD graduates not already immersed in climate change, up to speed on the many climate change topics they should be aware of and tracking. The field is simply moving too quickly, and focusing on reducing your carbon footprint is not enough. This post explains how our new Your Climate Risk MBA course can help!

Expectations surrounding business roles in tackling climate change have never been greater, leading to more and more discussion of what hundreds of thousands of MBA students around the world should be learning about climate risks and risk management. Given the nature and urgency of the problem, however, we shouldn't be limiting the discussion to MBA students. We should also be thinking about today's law students, as well as the millions of past MBA and JD graduates!

We have worked with business decision-makers and law firms on climate change risk and risk management for many years, and have come to see the successful communication of climate risk as one of the biggest challenges we face. It's The Great Wall in our cartoon below.

cartoon great wall of climate change information deluge

There is no shortage of information behind that wall; in fact, it's effectively unlimited! What's far more limited is the ability of individuals to make sense of all of that information!

cartoon collective knowedge man racing in car vs individual knowledge man trying to create a wheel

That's why, after co-authoring the first business climate risk textbook in 2010, we began building the Climate Web as a business decision-support tool for climate risk assessment and management. The Climate Web is software-based because there's no way for a conventional textbook to track such complicated and fast-moving topics!

book cover title changing profile of corporate climate risk

Today the Climate Web reflects more than 25,000 hours of knowledge curation, has been accessed by tens of thousands of people online, and has supported a wide range of business needs from specialized webinars to scenario planning. Built with TheBrain knowledge management software, the Climate Web allows a systems-based approach to understanding and tackling climate change, as well as access to individual topics through more than 3,000 Index Entries.

When companies started engaging on climate change more than 30 years ago, few could have anticipated that the physical, policy, and liability risks of climate change would grow into the "perfect storm” for business decision-making they are today. That's why we've leveraged the Climate Web into an easy to take advantage of on-line course we call Your Climate Risk MBA. This short video introduces the goals of the course, and explains why it's so relevant in today's context.

We've created two versions of the course. The Udemy version offers more than 10 hours of content across some 80 topical videos, and is priced for universal access. Get our best deal through our website! The Master Class version of Your Climate Risk MBA includes substantially more in-depth content for key topics, in-person office hours, support with using the Climate Web, and discounted Premium Access to the Climate Web for the fastest and most powerful access possible. Explore the Master Class here!

Early reviews of the course are in!

list of reviews of Your Climate Risk MBA on Udemy

Your Climate Risk MBA is a great way for MBA and JD students, and former MBA and JD students, to come up to speed on, or refresh their understanding of, climate change as a critical topic for business risk assessment and management. You can work your way through the Udemy version of the course at your leisure, or in as little as one day! It's a no-brainer! Our best Udemy deals are here!

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