Climate Web-Enabled Courses

Our Climate Web-Enabled Courses


The Climate Web is an open-access knowledgebase that allows you to explore almost any climate-relevant topic. But what if you don’t have the time or inclination to dig into the Climate Web on your own?

Our courses bring the Climate Web’s depth and breadth to you, summarizing key topical issues and the thinking of key topical experts via easy to watch video-based lessons. These are not “talking head” courses. Instead, our courses allow you to follow along as the course explores topical knowledge organized in the Climate Web.

Click on the tiles below to learn more about currently available courses and the various ways you can access the topical knowledge they contain.


Take a look at the courses the Climatographers have on the drawing board.  Vote for which courses we should complete next, or suggest alternative courses you’d like to see, and receive a coupon good for access to a video-only course of your choice.

The Climate Web makes it possible for the Climatographers to build courses and curricula specific to topics, sectors, and even individual companies. Contact the Climatographers for more information.