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3 Lessons - Carbon Offsets

This Climate Web Enabled Course entitled “Understanding the Controversies Surrounding Carbon Offsets, and How to Overcome Them” is not an introductory course into carbon offsets. It is a Deep Dive course into fundamental questions surrounding carbon offset additionality: • What IS additionality? • Why is additionality testing indispensable to the environmental integrity of offset markets? • How can you test for additionality? • Why is the statistical testing literature relevant? • How should policy-makers approach additionality? • Could additionality be approached in a totally different way? These are complicated questions, but we cover them in the course. You can even choose between video-only and Hands-On versions of the course. The latter lets you explore the course materials, and dig into whatever is of most relevance to YOU, including a lot of material we don’t have time for in the videos. Both versions are updated as new information becomes available.


3 Lessons - General

This course uses the Climate Web to explore the potential impacts of sea level rise on real estate markets in the U.S. and around the world. The sea level rise risk conversation is confusing and evolving quickly, and with 7 videos totaling 75 minutes we walk you through the complexities and uncertainties using the most recent and best available information. Through this course get introduced to the key thinking of experts working on sea level rise risk, and learn how to dig deeper into the topic in the Climate Web if you wish. Our Hands-On version of the course lets you actually explore all of the materials you're seeing in the video, and much more. The Hands-On version of the course is also always being updated with new materials and thinking.

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