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About Climate Chess 101

Hundreds of millions of people are concerned about climate change, thousands of organizations are working on climate change, and yet we're relying on the equivalent of Adam Smith's Invisible Hand to bring about successful climate change mitigation. What if climate advocates started thinking strategically and tactically, and acting collaboratively, to accelerate climate progress. What if they started playing Climate Chess?

About the Instructor

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The Climatographers have been working on climate change in a variety of research, teaching, advisory, and other capacities for than 30 years, since Mark Trexler started working on the first carbon offsets and nature-based solutions to climate change at the World Resources Institute. Later he continued that work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Climatographers’ Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff founded the first specialized U.S. climate risk consultancy in 1991, authored the first climate risk textbook in 2011, and founded the Climatographers in 2012 with the goal of facilitating access to actionable climate knowledge through knowledge management solutions like the Climate Web.

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