Climate Web Doorways

Climate Web Doorways

The Climate Web integrates more than 100 climate change topics into a seamless knowledge web. Information can be searched for and accessed via numerous pathways, using entry points into the Climate Web that include:

  • Almost 100 Topical Deep Dives, from Abrupt Climate Change to the Water-Food-Energy Nexus.
  • More than 2,000 Index Entries, from AB32 to the Zika Virus.
  • More than 2,000 Topical Headings organizing documents, news stories, websites, videos, and more.
  • More than 600 Knowledgebase Headings organizing topic-specific ideas and graphics.

Any combination of these and other thoughts in the Climate Web can be organized into Doorways into the Climate Web, either through standardized Audience or Topic Doorways, or Personal Doorways:

  • Audience Doorways organize information aimed at helping particular user audiences find what’s most relevant to them in the Climate Web. Whether concerned citizens, corporate risk managers, or teachers, each user audience is likely to benefit most from a targeted subset of Climate Web resources.
  • Topic Doorways organize information specific to numerous climate topics, whether carbon offsets or climate communications, helping users go right to key resources in the Climate Web.
  • Personal Doorways are adapted to the interests of individual users, and can pull together information ranging from cartoons and videos to topical Deep Dives. Experts can track important topics outside their areas of expertise. Teachers can organize resources relevant to a course curriculum. Journalists can track topics they plan to write about.

The options for Doorways into the Climate Web are endless, and all Doorways automatically link you to relevant materials as they are added to the Climate Web. Help keep the Climate Web open-access by supporting the Climate Web’s Patreon Project, and choosing the Doorway option(s) that best suit your needs.

Access a video introducing Climate Web Doorways, a video explaining a Sample Climate Web Doorway, and a video introducing our Business Materiality Dashboard. The Doorways described here are a new service from the Climatographers. Doorway pricing is subject to change, but users signing up now to support the Climate Web’s Patreon Project will be grandfathered.

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