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The Climatographers

Dr. Mark C. Trexler and Laura Kosloff, J.D. are the developers and curators of the Climate Web, which they started building more than a decade ago. Based on a long-standing interest in how knowledge management can be used to accelerate progress on a problem like climate change, Mark and Laura have spent more than 25,000 hours building the Climate Web as a resource available to anyone interested in or concerned about climate change.

Mark joined the World Resources Institute in Washington, D.C., in 1988, and spent three years there working on climate change and climate solutions, including publishing some of the first studies of nature-based solutions to climate change. At the time, Laura was part of the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, working on publication of the Environmental Law Reporter, and later joined the U.S. Department of Justice as an environmental trial attorney. 

Mark and Laura decided to return to the West Coast in 1991, choosing Portland, OR, for family reasons. That's where Mark founded the first climate risk consultancy in 1991, Trexler & Associates (TAA), which later became Trexler Climate + Energy Services (TC+ES). Laura soon joined the firm as its General Counsel, and together they grew the firm to more than 15 people, working with companies, NGOs, and agencies around the world and accumulating a long list of "climate firsts." During this time Mark worked extensively with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both in lead author and chapter editor roles. In 2007 TC+ES was acquired by UK-based Ecosecurities to expand its global footprint, which Mark joined as Director of Global Consulting, and Laura as Associate General Counsel.

Mark and Laura launched the Climatographers in 2012 to build the Climate Web as a comprehensive knowledge management solution for anyone interested in or concerned about climate change. Mark and Laura were convinced that the information needed to accelerate climate progress was available, but was not organized in a way that made it actionable for individuals and organizations. Working on a pro-bono basis, the Climatographers have spent more than 25,000 hours curating the Climate Web, which today also forms the basis for the Climatographers' "Climate Web-Enabled" climate risk advisory and decision-support services. You can learn more about those services at the Climatographers' advisory website.   

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