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Your Climate Risk MBA

Climate change is a “wicked problem” for business and society. A low carbon transition is underway, but it’s not happening fast enough to prevent the earth's temperature from rising substantially in coming decades. The result will be a petri dish of business risks and opportunities. Physical impact risks, brand risks, regulatory and policy risks, liability risks, market transition risks, and systemic economic risks will become more material to more elements of the business community as climate change advances. The result is unparalleled business uncertainty and decision-making challenges. Business decision-makers need far more actionable climate knowledge than they ever needed before.

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Actionable Knowledge for Business Decision-Making

Through more than 80 videos and 10 hours of content, this course brings you up to speed on dozens of topics foundational to assessing and managing business climate risks!

If you're looking for more than just a video-based course, check out our Climate Risk MBA Master Class, which includes more in-depth content on key topics, weekly in-person office hours, and more!


What Students Say

The best digital course on any topic that I have ever taken! This course is organized in a way that is easily navigated, regardless of level of familiarity with the topic. Each lesson provides a roadmap for how to dive deeper on a particular topic, and all lessons connect back to the main theme of assessing climate risk. If you work in business, consulting, public policy or investment, this course will give you a competitive advantage.


Thanks for publishing Your Climate Risk MBA. It's fantastic, and I've been thinking about the content constantly over the last few weeks. I've been aware of (and in some cases have actively worked on) climate change issues for over 30 years, and your course truly opened my eyes to the power of knowledge management.

steve h.

Mark Trexler's Climate Risk MBA course covers all the essential elements for understanding climate change and how climate uncertainty is at the core of sustainable business decisions. His clearly stated explanations and insights cut through the confusion that engulfs most climate-risk considerations. From my perspective, Trexler’s work, as supplemented by the ClimateWeb resources, offers the most balanced and comprehensive basis for risk assessment and risk management available.

george b.

Mark Trexler is a knowledgeable and clear-thinking instructor on this issue, and there's no better resource out there for climate information than his Climate Web. This is an incredible perspective and value for the investment of time and money.


What is the course

Are Carbon Offsets Helping Tackle Climate Change?

Carbon offsets are a popular climate change mitigation options, but they are also frequently criticized. This course delivers an in-depth understanding of the history and evolution of carbon offsets, the challenges posed by “commoditizing” emissions reductions and carbon removals as offsets, where offset markets are headed next, how they can be improved, and whether you should buy them.

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Leverage Our Knowledge

The Climatographers, creators of the Climate Web, worked on the first carbon offset 35 years ago and have been involved with carbon offset markets ever since. They are widely regarded as experts on carbon offsets, the environmental integrity of carbon offsets, and scoring of carbon offsets. Take this course to leverage our decades of carbon offsets experience.


What Students Say

The course was excellent: well-organized, intelligent, clear, and informed by Dr. Trexler's years of experience. I highly recommend it.

charles wilson

Dr. Trexler‘s comprehensive knowledge allows him to simplify a fairly muddy discussion. This is a huge plus for viewers. This is clearly an educational course, not a partisan viewpoint. Well done!

jeffrey atkin

A comprehensive, well-structured, and clear course on carbon offsets. Surely a course to revisit, as it is packed with valuable information and charts. Don't miss it!

martina V.

This was a very insightful course. It is great to get first hand insights from Dr. Trexler and to learn more about Climate Web. The course covers a lot of key topics, the no-nonsense overview of Permanence, Leakage and Additionality in particular was very useful.

paul c.

What is the course

Personal Knowledge Management Using TheBrain Software

The Climate Web is built with a powerful personal knowledge management (PKM) software called TheBrain™. PKM is probably the most important skillset in today's world that you’ve never been exposed to in school or professionally. We all practice PKM at some level, but this course shows you how you can advance your personal and professional goals with personal knowledge management using TheBrain software.

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Be Better Organized

Most of us are deluged by information that is relevant to us today, or might be relevant to us in the future. But we have no way of easily organizing and retaining that information, and usually quickly forget it. A “digital brain” can solve this problem. This course shows you a wide variety of ways that people are using TheBrain software to create fit-for-purpose “second brains," including the Climate Web and Your Climate Change Search Engine.


What Students Say

This course is an excellent intro to PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) with TheBrain software. I've been using the pro-version of TheBrain for many years, but there is one feature I missed, and that's using pre-set search terms. That alone made this course worthwhile for me (and was the reason for buying the course). Thanks, Mark, for pointing that out!

erich a.

This course isn't (and doesn't pretend to be) a how-to on using The Brain software. Instead, it provides a good intro to the capabilities of The Brain and the various ways you can put it to use, within the broader context of knowledge management.

rose v.

What is the course

Systemic Climate Risks
How Big, How Soon?

We created this course several years ago, and we are in the process of updating the content. That's why it is priced the way it is. The existing video content is still very relevant, and covers today's key topics of conversation, although much has changed in the last few years. You will also receive the Climate Web version of the course, which is more updated than the videos. Of course if you purchase the course today, you'll have full access to all the upgrades and improvements to the course that are coming down the pike!

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Systemic Risks: the New Kid on the Climate Block

Systemic risk conversations, initially focused on the finance sector, have recently expanded to include climate-specific risks. Systemic climate risks could end up dwarfing the magnitude of more conventional business and societal climate risks. The systemic risk conversation is evolving rapidly, and is hard to keep track of.


What Students Say

Trexler's work, as supplemented by the Climate Web and its resources, offers the most balanced and comprehensive basis for business risk assessment and risk management available..

george backus, risk expert.

I finished the amazing course about Climate Risk by Mark Trexler! Such an insightful course to deepen the understanding of climate change-related societal and business risks and how to manage them!

Lucianno Noezzi Noel

What is the course

Time to Sell Your Property to Avoid Sea Level Rise Risk?

We created this course several years ago, and we are in the process of updating the video content. The existing video content is still relevant, and covers today's key topics of conversation, although much has changed in the last few years. The Climate Web version of the course which you will have access to is more updated than the videos. Of course if you purchase the course today, you'll have full access to all the upgrades and improvements to the course that are coming down the pike!

why take this course

A Real Estate Tipping Point is Inevitable

We know the world's ice is melting, but how fast will it melt? That's the trillion dollar question. Climate change is rapidly increasing the risks of river flooding, threatening riparian real estate. The more explicitly you consider your own risk adversity, the more robust and realistic your real estate decision-making will be.

what is the course

FREE User Guide to the Climate Web

This course walks you through how the Climatographers add information to the Climate Web on an almost daily basis, shows you the basic structure of the Climate Web, and shows you how you can easily see what kind of information you're looking at based on graphical icons and text colors. The course introduces you to the Climate Web's key features and capabilities, including its advanced knowledge curation. The course illustrates the different ways to take advantage of the Climate Web, including online access, mobile device access, and desktop or laptop access.

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The Climate Web is the product of >20,000 hours of crowd-sourcing and curating knowledge from thousands of experts to support understanding of and responding to climate change. It is a collective climate change intelligence.

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