Oregon and Climate Change:

 20+ Years of Climate Action

A Climate Web-Enabled Knowledgebase

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What's the Knowledgebase About?

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After 20+ years of Oregon action on climate change, coming up to speed on what has come before is challenging

If you're interested in climate change and climate change mitigation through an Oregon frame, the Oregon Climate Change knowledgebase is for you

Access and explore on your own a large knowledgebase specific to Oregon and climate change

  • How Did Oregon Get Started on Climate Change?
  • What Has Oregon Done and Tried Before?
  • How Do Oregon's Forecasted GHG Emissions Differ From Past Emissions?
  • Is Oregon Doing its Best to Tackle Climate Change?
  • What’s on Oregon’s Climate Change Agenda?
  • What Have We Learned About the Implementation of Policies Like Carbon Pricing in Oregon?

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