Why A Knowledge Management Solution?


As suggested by E.O. Wilson in this quote, knowledge management is a critical skill in today’s world. Unfortunately, it’s a skill that’s rarely taught or developed.

TheBrain software is a knowledge management software that has been downloaded millions of times for personal and organizational knowledge management, and the Climatographers started using TheBrain long before launching the Climate Web. Even with the proliferation of knowledge management tools today, TheBrain remains one of the simplest and most flexible. You can literally have a Brain up and running 10 minutes after downloading the Free version of the software.

An example of what TheBrain makes possible is reflected in the intuitive short story below, courtesy of Patrick McKercher.


Your Climate Change PhDorganizes much of the knowledge that societal decision-makers, from individuals to policy makers, need. Taking advantage of TheBrain software, it leverages the 15,000 hours of knowledge curation carried out by the Climatographers in building the Climate Web, the closest thing today to a collective intelligence for climate change.

One way to think about the Climate Web is as a huge collection of LEGO bricks. Think of the more than 100,000 individually curated thoughts in the Climate Web, each representing a document, an image, an idea, a website, or some other piece of information, as actionable climate knowledge LEGO bricks. The Climate Web can can be explored as one massive LEGO structure, or through hundreds of smaller-scale actionable climate knowledge LEGO kits. We can even customize kits to individuals’ needs.

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:-: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this website. We use the word LEGO to help visualize information building blocks fitting together to deliver actionable climate knowledge.

Your Climate Change PhD does not deliver an actual degree, but it does deliver the equivalent of a graduate-level education in climate change risk and risk management, and actionable climate knowledge when it comes to the “perfect storm” climate change poses.

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