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The Climate Web is a large knowledge resource and it’s open access. But you may not have the time or inclination to work through pulling all pieces together when it comes to key climate change topics. That’s why we’re developing a series of courses based on the Climate Web. These courses are not intended to cover technical issues such as “how can I quantify my carbon footprint?” — such subjects are covered in many other places. These courses also do not replicate hour-long lectures on a topic that you might find on YouTube.

They will, however, pull together information that can provide insight for climate change decision-making in a form that makes it easy to access, including:

  • The key points for understanding a topic
  • A reflection of the range of thinking on a topic
  • Key uncertainties affecting relevant decision-making

All our courses are based on short videos and other resources. Help courses are available at the end of the gallery below; see Plugging Into the Climate Web.

The buttons below reflect courses or series of courses currently in development. Click through to their respective pages for more information, to take courses that are “live,” or to track our progress in course development. We can also develop similar courses customized to a particular sector’s or decision-maker’s needs.

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