Climate Change Chess: A Player’s Guide

book cover climate chess a players guide

Climate Chess is the ultimate planetary board game, and the Player’s Guide to Climate Chess is the ultimate crowd-sourced guide to tackling climate change. Integrating the work of thousands of experts across dozens of relevant disciplines, the Player’s Guide to Climate Chess helps you understand the players, teams, pieces and moves involved in tackling climate change.

To better understand the Player’s Guide, explore the open-access version here. Subscribers have full access to the Guide, including hundreds of relevant curated information collections allowing readers to dig deeper into chess pieces and moves of particular interest. Subscribers can also download the Player’s Guide to their desktop or mobile devices for a better user experience.

A yearly subscription to the Climate Chess Players Guide, when it is completed, will cost $29. But because it will take some time to complete the Player’s Guide, we are offering it FREE to the first 50 subscribers.

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