Premium Access

Premium Access to the Climate Web Includes:

climate web knowledge product
  • The ability to download the Climate Web to the mobile device, Mac, or Windows versions of TheBrain® software. The Climate Web works much faster once downloaded, and the desktop software has a more versatile search function as well as more powerful information visualization capabilities.
  • Access to thousands of graphics, ideas, and more that the Climatographers have extracted from books, reports, and news stories. Scan the contents of a book or report to decide whether it's worth your time, and never forget the book or report's key points and messages.
  • Access to more than 100 specialized topical Dashboards, offering users the ability to come up to speed quickly on topics ranging from carbon pricing to systemic risk and wicked problem solving, as well as the implications of climate change for sectors ranging from aviation and electricity to tourism.
  • Once purchased, your Premium Access (whether you use the Climate Web online or download it) will reflect changes and improvements made to the Climate Web on a daily basis. As the Climate Web gets more powerful, so will your Premium Access.

**NGO purchasers with a “.org” email address and educational purchasers with a “.edu” email address qualify for a 50% discount. Contact us to receive the discount code.