Your Climate Change PhD

plug into the Climate Web it is your external brain

Millions of people in the United States are alarmed or concerned about climate change. They want to know more about the problem and what they can do about it. But with limited time and resources, climate change is a difficult problem for people to get their heads around.

The Climatographers have spent thousands of hours developing the Climate Web as a comprehensive climate change knowledgebase and decision-support tool. In doing so, they have found all kinds of resources that individuals can use to quickly explore key climate change topics. From dozens of relevant free online courses to hundreds of insightful videos, books, reports, and websites, the resources clearly exist to give anyone the equivalent of a graduate school education in climate change for free. Those resources are available through this Course, reflecting hundreds of hours of Climatographer knowledge management. You can explore the structure of Your Climate PhD online; purchase and download it to access the content.

Your Climate Change PhD can be accessed via TheBrain’s FREE iOS or Android app on your phone, but is optimized for access through your tablet or TheBrain’s FREE desktop software.