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The Year in Climate Risk 2021 

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2021 has been an extraordinary year for climate change conversations. We've included in this online ebook about 150 key climate risk publicly available reports from 2021, representing content that you will want to have easy access to if you work in this area. Accessed via your browser, this online Ebook's content resides in the Climate Web, and we can update it from there. When you access it, you'll see the updates! 

20 Books for Understanding and Tackling Climate Change

report cover 20 books for understanding climate change

The Climate Web organizes more than 1,000 books relevant to the many climate change conversations currently underway. This Ebook brings 20 of those books to your attention. You will see that some of the most valuable reading you can do for tackling climate change involves books that aren't about climate change at all (at least not directly)! 

Climate Stripes and Other Visualizations

If an image is worth 1,000 words, what is a climate change visualization worth? This Ebook pulls together a few of the examples of animations collected in the Climate Web. Get introduced to the enormous creativity already being focused on helping us all to understand and respond to climate change. 

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets?

book cover should you buy carbon offsets

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Carbon offsets are an increasingly popular climate change mitigation option at the individual, company, and even sectoral levels (e.g., the aviation sector). But do carbon offsets really help mitigate climate change? This Ebook does not provide a “yes or no” answer to the question, but it does introduce you to critical questions you should be aware of before you assume that writing that check for carbon offsets will really accomplish something. 

20 Climate Change Music Videos

report cover 20 climate change music videos

Did you even know that "climate change music" exists? It is one of the hundreds of topics we track in the Climate Web. This Ebook points you to a number of individual music videos, as well as letting you explore our Climate Web Mini-Brain dedicated to climate music videos. You can download the Mini-Brain to your mobile device and access the videos at any time. 

Playing Climate Chess With the Climate Web

When it comes to the ultimate planetary board game of Climate Chess, Team No-Urgency has had the upper hand over Team Urgency for decades. This Ebook explores how to learn from the metaphor of Climate Chess to strengthen Team Urgency’s players and chess pieces on the game board, perhaps shifting the balance of power that has prevailed for so long. It is a companion to another free Ebook, Individuals and Climate Change.

Individuals and Climate Change

Is reducing one's carbon footprint and voting for candidates that support climate change action really the best that individuals can do when it comes to combating climate change? That is certainly what individuals see and hear on the internet. This Ebook provides a different perspective on the (potential) role of individual action in tackling climate change. It is a companion to another free Ebook, Playing Climate Chess With the Climate Web.

100 Insightful Climate Quotes

2d EDITION NOW AVAILABLE! Quotes can be a great way to explore new aspects of a topic like climate change and can be helpful in countering the "confirmation bias" that is so easy for us to fall prey to. This Ebook provides 20 of our favorite climate-related quotes on relevant visual backgrounds to introduce you to our larger collections of climate quotes. We'll even send you a file so you can use the quotes on your own. 

Climate Change Through 3,000 Videos

book cover Exploring Climate Change Through Videos

The Climate Web organizes more than 3,000 videos covering all aspects of the climate change problem and solutions. This Ebook helps you understand the organization of that massive resource and introduces you to the Climatographers’ Climate Videos Mini-Brain. Its contents have been extracted from the Climate Web and organized for easy access. You can download the Mini-Brain to your phone, tablet, or desktop.

"An excellent and well structured e-book"

This is an excellent and well structured e-book which explains a complex issue in an easy to understand manner. After spending a considerable amount of time looking at the voluntary carbon market, I came to the same conclusions presented in the book.

Michael Azlen ... Climate Change Investment Solutions

"A great analogy"

I really liked the e-book on climate chess. I love playing chess, and it was a great analogy.

Felipe deFarias ... The Carbon Keepers

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