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The Climate Web integrates thousands of documents, new stories, videos, and more to help make individual “actionable knowledge” more accessible. The Climatographers have spent thousands of hours building the Climate Web and searching for the best available materials and thinking across hundreds of topics relevant to climate change decision-making and actionable knowledge. Through the Climate Web, you have open access to virtually all of that information, saving you a lot of time and likely pointing you to resources you would never have found otherwise.

Because of the importance of a select set of Climate Web topics to climate change decision-making, and business decision-making in particular, the Climatographers have spent a great deal of additional time digesting those topics in order to be able to present:

  • The most informative materials;
  • Frames through which stakeholders view the topic;
  • Arguments that are in play;
  • Key Questions;  
  • Relevant Climate Chess players, moves, and pieces.

For topics where we’ve focused the most effort, we’ve pulled this additional knowledge under a Full Access portion of the relevant Deep Dive. Under the Full Access heading you will find a minimum of  50 frames, arguments, and supplemental Index entries that in turn link you to hundreds of the most on-point ideas, graphics, new stories, videos, reports, and more for incorporating knowledge about that topic into your decision-making. The information exists in the Open Access part of the Deep Dive, but in Full Access it is organized so as to make it much easier to find and utilize.

There are several ways to access the information for any single topic:

  • Purchase a day of access to the topic’s Deep Dive for $20.
  • Purchase an hour of Tour Guide/Advisory time for $100.
  • Purchase permanent access to the topic’s Deep Dive (and updates) for $500.
  • Purchase your own copy of the topic’s Deep Dive to use with the powerful desktop version of the TheBrain software for $1,000. The desktop version of the software is faster and much more customizable than the web-interface used by the Climate Web, and is an easy to learn and uniquely powerful knowledge management software.

Topics for which we currently offer an additional level of value and access in the Climate Web are:

Climate Change and Business Decisionmaking

Carbon Pricing: Critical to Tackling Climate Change 

Carbon Offsets: The First Climate Change-Inspired Industry

Communicating Climate Change

Is Climate Change a Societal Emergency?

Climate Change and Investor Decisionmaking

Climate Change and Legal Decisionmaking

The Low Carbon Transition: Yes, No, Maybe?

Sea Level Rise: A Unique Climate Risk?

Social Cost of Carbon and Climate Change Mitigation


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