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Help Videos and More

The Climate Web is built with TheBrain® software, a powerful but easy to use knowledge management software. If you’ve ever used Mindmaps, you’ll recognize the idea behind TheBrain® software — although it’s much more powerful than Mindmapping for our purposes. The learning curve for the Climate Web is short. By spending just a few minutes, you can get a lot more value out of it.

The basic “how to” checklist can be found here. Beyond that, here are two useful videos that will help you find your way around quickly:

First, here is our straightforward user guide to the Climate Web. You can also download it as a PDF in the Climate Web, but this video will walk you through some of the key elements visually — you’ll learn your way around quickly!

Second, you’ll want to learn how to navigate our Index system, which for most people is the simplest way to explore the Climate Web on your own (although our Doorway Option means you don’t necessarily have to do that):

That’s really all there is to it!  That said, the Climate Web is a massive resource. To take full advantage of the 16,000 hours we’ve spent building the Climate Web, check out more of our guidance and topic videos on our YouTube channel.