Your Climate Change Toolbox

What You’ll Learn in This Course

There have never been more people concerned or alarmed about climate change, and there has never been more information available for understanding and tackling climate change. But few people see the information that would most empower them to help tackle this critical problem. We need new ways of organizing climate information, and facilitating access to the actionable climate knowledge that individuals and organizations need.

The good news is that the needed information exists. The bad news is that personal knowledge management (PKM) skills are rarely taught at any educational level, and few people make use of the many PKM tools that are available.

Your Climate Change Toolbox organizes a wide range of climate-related resources allowing you to: 

  • Scan a recent selection of climate news and reports, great Twitter Threads, and insightful LinkedIn posts.
  • Explore why climate change progress has been slow, and the many uncertainties and variables that will determine the future of climate progress and average global temperature rise.
  • Rapidly scan hundreds of climate topics with pre-populated search terms using Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and more
  • Access hundreds of organized Wikipedia pages to come up with climate-related learning curves whenever you have a moment.
  • Access resources in the Climate Web, a collective climate change intelligence

And much more!

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