Module 18: Purchasing Your Climate PhD

Learn how you can take advantage of the resources available in Your Climate PhD.

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How can anyone cover the MANY conversations and silos relevant to understanding and solving climate change? From attribution science to carbon offsets and climate finance, from natural climate solutions and geoengineering to carbon pricing, from low carbon pathways to blockchain solutions, the list is almost endless.

Your Climate Change PhD delivers the actionable knowledge you can use. It lets you access thousands of hours of knowledge curation, coming up to speed and and then tracking literally hundreds of climate-relevant topics. It’s the ultimate tool for breaking down climate silos in support of understanding and tackling climate change.

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There are several ways to take advantage of Your Climate Change PhD

Option 1 - Your Climate Change PhD
+ Open Access to the Climate Web

You can utilize Your Climate Change PhD with on-line access to the Climate Web. Feel free to experiment with the Climate Web on-line to see if open access meets your needs in terms of speed and the general user experience.

Purchase Your Climate Change PhD on its Own

Option Two - Your Climate Change PhD
+ Premium Access to the Climate Web

Premium Access to the Climate Web lets you download it to your computer, allowing much faster and more powerful access to Your Climate Change PhD content. Thousands of links in Your Climate Change PhD, instead of taking you to the on-line Climate Web, will activate thoughts in your local copy of the Climate Web. You’ll be able to access Your Climate Change PhD content much more quickly and efficiently, and be able to dig deeper into topics in the Climate Web much more rapidly.

Premium Access features include:

premium access

Purchase Your Climate Change PhD + Premium Access

Option Three - Add “Your Climate Change MBA”

Your Climate Change MBA is also an overlay for the Climate Web, digging more deeply into a wide range of topics like business impacts and risks, business responses, policy opposition and policy advocacy, scenario planning, pre-mortems, and more.

Purchase Your Climate Change PhD + Premium Access
+ Your Climate Change MBA

Note that Your Climate Change PhD can also be delivered as a more typical online course. To discuss organization-wide access to Your Climate Change PhD or to discuss our online course option, contact us or call us at (001) 503-913-0025.

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