Module 2: Trillion Dollar Questions

It is easy to get caught up in the topic or report of the day when talking about climate change. "Trillion Dollar Questions" help you step back to take a potentially fresh look at key topics for exploring climate futures.


The Climatographers use the idea of Trillion Dollar Questions to represent the range of decisions/variables/outcomes associated with climate change and our responses to climate change.

There is no “right answer” to Trillion Dollar Questions, and providing any kind of definitive answer to these questions is not the objective of this chapter of Your Climate Change PhD.

A few of the business relevant Trillion Dollar Questions explored in this Your Climate Change MBA module include:

  • What if Climate Advocates Develop a Successful Climate Narrative?
  • What are the Adaptation Limits for Climate Change?
  • Can We Reliably Forecast Future Climate Change?
  • How Fast Could Sea Levels Rise?
  • Will Sustainability Efforts Mitigate Climate Change?
  • Will Carbon Pricing Solve Climate Change?
  • Will Climate Change Trigger an Economic or Social Collapse?
  • Will Technology Innovation Solve Climate Change?

Many of the topics behind Trillion Dollar Questions are covered in more depth elsewhere in Your Climate Change PhD. An entire graduate level course could be organized around almost any of these questions, and none of them have “right answers.” Our goal with this module is to make it easier to survey the forest for the trees when it comes to climate futures.

For each Trillion Dollar Question you’ll get:

  • Introduced to differing perspectives and opinions
  • Access to Climate Web resources for digging deeper.
  • Access to pre-populated internet search strings to make it easier to scan for the most recent topical developments.

If you have additional Trillion Dollar Questions you’d like to see added to the module, let us know through the course comments!

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