Module 8: Climate Communications

Climate change is arguably the ultimate communications challenge, a fact the Climatographers have sought to reflect in the cartoon shown above. As discussed under the topic of climate psychology in Your Climate Change PhD, there are numerous cognitive biases that interfere with out perception of and communication of climate change. These biases translate into our ability to communicate climate change.


That said, few people are aware of just how much work has been done on the topic of communicating climate change. The goal of this Module of Your Climate Change PhD is to summarize some of that work for you, and point you to many of the best resources you can use in order to better play the role of a climate change communicator.

Among the topics you’ll be able to explore in this chapter of Your Climate Change PhD are:

  • What should we be calling “climate change”
  • Storytelling and Climate Fiction as climate communications
  • Tips and tricks for communicating climate change
  • Resources for visualizing climate change
  • The need for audience-specific climate communications strategies

We’ll also hyperlink you to extensive curated knowledge collections in the Climate Web where you can dig deeper into these and other topics.

Module Content

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