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Carbon Offsets Round 2 is Underway

Explosive Market Growth is Planned

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Are You Participating in the Debate?

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Why a Carbon Offset Knowledgebase?

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Derived From the Climate Web, the Collective Intelligence for Climate Change

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The Carbon Offsets Knowledgebase Represents Thousands of Hours of Knowledge Curation

You're probably deluged with climate change information, including with respect to carbon offsets. Don't you wish you had the time to organize all that information to advance your personal and professional climate goals? The Knowledgebase makes that easy!

Key Highlights

  • 800+ Offset PDFs (reports, PPTs, journal papers)
  • 650+ Offset News and Opinion URLs
  • 650+ Offset Website URLs
  • 750+ Extracted Graphics and Ideas
  • 100+ Index Entries and Topical Headings
  • 100+ Videos and MultiMedia Materials
  • 100+ Advanced Dashboards and Insight Pages

Watch this video and learn more about the Offsets Knowledgebase!

What Clients Have to Say:

We appreciated being pointed by the Climatographers to TheBrain® software for purposes of developing our own knowledge management system. TheBrain®, including the TeamBrain version we are using, is simple to use and very powerful.

bru pearce, CEO, Envisionation Ltd 

I really appreciated the Carbon Offsets Course Mini-Brain. It’s amazing how hard it is to find good resources and thinking like this on carbon offsets. None of my typical channels/NGOs surface things like this

Max scher, Senior Mgr Sustainability, Salesforce

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Our Carbon Offsets Roadmap helps you rapidly navigate the topic of carbon offsets, leveraging the Climatographers' 33 years of offset experience. 

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Create your own fit-for-purpose offsets knowledge solution in just minutes by modifying your own customizable copy of the Offsets Knowledgebase.

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