One For The Record Books

July 21, 2023

2023 is clearly going to be one for the climate record books -- and not in a way we really want to remember. More and more examples are coming in every day of just how bad 2023 is turning out to be ... or, perhaps one could look at it as a good example of the risks of unchecked climate change we've been talking about for decades.

We have begun collecting and organizing great graphics in the Climate Web to help tell the story in our new Hot Topics section. As we see images that reinforce how remarkable 2023 is turning out to be, we’ll add them to this section of the Climate Web. We won’t include things like photographs since you can easily find hundreds of them on the internet. Individual graphics don’t tell you much, but just like the larger fingerprint of climate change, the graphics in combination tell you quite a bit.

You can access the Hot Topics (beta) collection here: 2023 Climate Graphics.

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