Custom Products

If you don't see the climate knowledge product you need, give us a call.  We can probably create it!

Product Highlights

Customized Climate Web products go beyond Premium Access, representing additional and cost-effective ways for companies to leverage the 25,000 hours of knowledge curation represented by the Climate Web. 

Webinars and Briefings

Using the Climate Web, the Climatographers can deliver a webinar or briefing or support internal brainstorming around hundreds of climate topics. In addition to a remote or in-person presentation, we'll organize the relevant materials for you in the Climate Web and allow you to access them through a unique URL. This can dramatically increase the value being delivered. Give us a call at 503-897-8849 to discuss.

Topical or Audience "Slices" 

The Climatographers can extract topical or audience "slices" of the Climate Web and provide you with a file you can then open and modify, even in the FREE version of TheBrain software.  For as little as $299 you can leverage hundreds of hours of knowledge curation. Larger slices, representing much more knowledge curation, range in price up to $1,999.  Give us a call at 503-897-8849 to discuss.

Copy the Entire Climate Web

For consulting and law firms looking to jump start a comprehensive climate change knowledge management system, consider purchasing a fully modifiable copy of the entire Climate Web as your starting point. It's an extremely cost-effective way to leverage the Climate Web's 25,000 hours of knowledge curation, and the Climatographers can make it even easier by helping you rapidly restructure it for your purposes, and provide super-user training. Give us a call at 503-897-8849 to discuss.

Customized Product Questions

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards through Stripe and Paypal, and can of course invoice your company upon request.

What topics can I purchase "slices of the Climate Web" for?

Pretty much any topic, and we can create custom topic and audience combinations upon request.  That's why we don't have a pricing sheet specific to "slices." The carbon offsets and carbon pricing "slices," for example, represent thousands of hours of knowledge curation, and will cost more than much slimmer "slices."  Contact us for a slice-specific quote at 503-897-8849. Note that if you're interested in a bunch of different "slices," you should consider simply purchase a copy of the entire Climate Web.

What can I do with my purchased "slice" or copy of the Climate Web?

Anything you want, with the exception of re-selling it, or creating commercial derivative products.  Climate Web slices are not normally priced with such uses in mind, but we're happy to discuss the appropriate licensing arrangements. 

Do I have to use TheBrain software for my own knowledge management? 

Generally speaking, yes. We are able to export a JSON version of the slice, or the entire Climate Web, but it's not entirely clear what you would be able to do with it. The unique visual interface used by TheBrain software wouldn't easily import into another knowledge management system.  But if you're interested in such an option, we're happy to discuss it. 

Do the Climatographers continue to support customized Climate Web products?

When you purchase a topical "slice," or copy of the entire Climate Web, they won't continue to reflect the constant changes still being made to the on-line Climate Web.  You're able to turn your product into your own fit-for-purpose KM system, at which point you can choose how you want to continue to develop it.  

Will the Climatographers support me in creating my own fit-for-purpose KM system?

We're happy to discuss how the Climatographers can support your in converting a purchased "slice," or a copy of the entire Climate Web, into your own fit-for-purpose knowledge management solution. In the case of an advisory or law firm purchasing a copy of the entire Climate Web, the Climatographers will provide super-user training for the individuals who will be managing the firms KM system internally, and we're able to provide ongoing support as requested.