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Business Response Roadmap


The Climate Web had its origin more than a decade ago as a decision-support tool for business climate change decision-making. It has continued to track key “business and climate change” conversations since then. For Roadmap purposes, these conversations are split between “business responses to climate change,” and “business climate risks.” Business responses to climate change go back more than 30 years, have evolved significantly over time, and are changing particularly rapidly right now. The Lite version of this Roadmap is available here. Much of the information organized there gets pulled together through this Premium Roadmap into the “story of the business response to climate change,” representing hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation. Topics you’ll find explored in the Premium Roadmap include: 

  • Climate change as Corporate Social Responsibility
  • GHG footprinting and emissions reduction targets
  • Green power purchasing
  • Carbon offset purchases
  • Climate risk assessment
  • Climate change scenario planning
  • Net Zero commitments
  • Business and trade association opposition to climate policy
  • Business advocacy of climate policy
  • Business adaptation and resilience

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