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Carbon Offsets Roadmap


While the fortunes of carbon offset markets, both voluntary and regulated, have fluctuated over time, carbon offsets appear poised for massive expansion as part of corporate efforts to achieve “net zero” emissions. The Lite version of this Roadmap is available here. Much of that information gets pulled together in a cohesive story regarding the “past and future of carbon offsets” in this Premium Roadmap. Topics you’ll find explored include:

  • Carbon offsets history
  • The role of the Clean Development Mechanism
  • The evolving Round 2 of the offsets story
  • The role of offsets in a 2oC scenario
  • The aviation sector and carbon offsets
  • Carbon offset quality
  • Additionality as the key weakness of offsets to date
  • False positives and false negatives in carbon offsets
  • Carbon offset projects and providers
  • Land-use based offsets
  • Carbon offset critiques
  • Evaluations of carbon offsets
  • Scoring carbon offsets
  • Carbon offsets and net zero

“I really appreciated the Carbon Offsets Course Mini-Brain. It’s amazing how hard it is to find good resources and thinking like this on carbon offsets. None of my typical channels/NGOs surface things like this.”

max scher

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