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Carbon Pricing Roadmap


While there has been a growing trend to price GHG emissions, the level of pricing has generally been insufficient to change decision-making, and many observers are questioning whether explicit (as opposed to implicit) carbon pricing will ever play the needed role in tackling climate change. The Lite version of this Roadmap is available here. Much of the information organized there gets pulled together and integrated into the “story” of carbon pricing via this Premium Roadmap, representing hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation. Topics you’ll find explored in the Premium Roadmap include:

  • Carbon pricing overview
  • Explicit vs. implicit carbon pricing
  • Sectoral sensitivities to carbon pricing
  • Experience to date with carbon pricing
  • Carbon pricing for a 2oC target
  • Carbon pricing for a 1.5oC target
  • The social cost of carbon as carbon price
  • Marginal abatement cost curves
  • Business impacts of carbon pricing
  • Political feasibility of material carbon pricing
  • Carbon pricing and a low carbon transition

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