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Climate Economics Roadmap


The economics of climate change are complicated and uncertain. The Lite version of this roadmap is available here. Much of that information and much more gets pulled together into the “story” of the economics of climate change through this Premium Roadmap, representing hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation. Note also the Social Cost of Carbon Premium Roadmap, which takes a more focused look at one aspect of climate economics. Topics you’ll find explored in the Premium Roadmap include:

  • The use of cost-benefit analysis for climate change decision-making
  • The implications of economic discounting for climate risk perceptions
  • The Integrated Assessment Models used in economic analysis
  • Calculation of the social cost of carbon
  • Risk-neutral vs. risk-averse economic analysis and decision-making
  • Marginal abatement cost curves for climate change mitigation
  • Carbon pricing as internalizing the economic externality 
  • The “fat tails” of potential economic outcomes

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