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Your Climate Change PhD with Premium Access


Purchase access to a downloadable copy of the Climate Web Premium Access with Your Climate Change PhD built in -- you get Your Climate Change PhD for free!

The seamless integration of the two products is a big advantage, and downloading the Climate Web provides you with a huge increase in speed, convenience, and functionality. Thousands of URLs, PDFs, and videos, for example, open up instantly within the Climate Web itself rather than you having to open and close them in your browser (as required with online Climate Web access).

Option 2 is an enormous time saver, and it works with either the Free or Professional TheBrain® software.

To discuss organization-wide access to Your Climate Change PhD, or to take advantage of our online course option, contact us.

“The Climate Web is like having 100 experts in climate science, risk, risk management, and corporate strategy at the decision-making table with you.”

Project mgr, fortune 100 company

Note: If you really want to take advantage of the Climate Web, but can’t afford Premium Access, contact the Climatographers at info@climatographer.com to see whether you qualify for a discounted price or one of our limited number of free Climate Web subscriptions.

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