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Social Cost of Carbon Roadmap


The Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) has been called the “most important number” you’ve never heard of. Put most simply, the SCC is intended to monetize the economic costs (mostly externality costs) associated with emitting a ton of CO2-equivalent. That said, the SCC is actually a very complicated number to calculate. The Lite version of this Roadmap is available here.

The Premium Roadmap helps you explore:

  • The history of the SCC
  • How the SCC is calculated
  • Key SCC determinants and uncertainties
  • Estimates of the SCC
  • The role of discounting in the SCC
  • Implications of a risk-averse SCC
  • How the SCC could be deployed at state and local levels
  • How the SCC could become a de facto carbon price
  • And much more!

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