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Societal Risk Roadmap


The prospect that human-induced climate change might pose a societal risk within relevant decision-making timeframes was first raised in a scientific paper in 1957, and was the topic of its first Presidential briefing in 1965. Since then climate change is generally perceived to have arrived, and the level of concern regarding future climate change has increased dramatically. . The Lite version of this Roadmap is available here.

The Premium Roadmap helps you explore:

  • Climate change known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns
  • Distinguishing between societal and business risks
  • Societal climate risk over the near, medium, and long-terms
  • “Expected climate change” vs. “climate risk” 
  • Unacceptable vs. worst-case climate risk framing
  • Systemic climate risk as the societal risk elephant in the room
  • Adaptation limits when it comes to managing societal risk
  • And much more

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