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Your Climate Change PhD


Your Climate Change PhD is designed to help individuals play an active role in transitioning towards a systems-thinking based approach to climate change. Your Climate Change PhD leverages the Climatographers’ 20,000 hours of expert knowledge curation in building the Climate Web. The Climate Web integrates the work of thousands of experts across hundreds of climate topics and is the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence.

From the knowns and unknowns of climate change, from physical to systemic risks, from carbon offsets to the role of business in tackling climate change, Your Climate Change PhD helps you come to grips with the role of climate change as a wicked problem that defies “standard” problem solving.

You can see an overview of the structure of this online textbook/course at our Your Climate Change PhD microsite. You'll be able to see how the course is structured and some discussion of the topics; detailed contents and organized materials are available upon purchase. To discuss organization-wide access to Your Climate Change PhD, or to take advantage of our online course option, contact us.

Note: If you really want to take advantage of the Climate Web, but can’t afford it, contact the Climatographers at info@climatographer.com to see whether you qualify for a discounted price or one of our limited number of free Climate Web subscriptions.

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