Each of the categories of Climate Web information products shown below represents a different way in which the Climate Web can facilitate your access to actionable climate knowledge. If you don’t see what you need, let us know what that is!

Premium Access to the Climate Web

Everyone has free and open access to much of the Climate Web, reflecting more than 10,000 hours of knowledge collection and curation by the Climatographers.

Premium Access offers users who want the ability to download the Climate Web for use with TheBrain®’s powerful desktop software, access to hundreds of collections of graphics and ideas extracted from sources in the Climate Web, and access to more than 100 specialized Dashboards covering topics from carbon pricing to systemic risk.

Personalized Access to the Climate Web

Personalized Doorways customize your “front door” into the Climate Web. When you access your Doorway, you’ll be instantly linked to all of the topics and resources of most interest to you.

Climate Web Mini-Brains

Mini-Brains are focused information collections extracted from the Climate Web for easy access and use. Download them to your mobile device or desktop and they’ll always remain up to date.

Climate Web E-books

Climate Web Enabled E-books combined the ease of use of an e-book with access via hyperlink to specifically curated information collections in the Climate Web. 

Build Your Own KM System

Download unrestricted “slices" of the Climate Web to start or add to your own climate change knowledge management system, leveraging hundreds to thousands of hours of information curation by the Climatographers.