Climate Web knowledge products facilitate your access to your actionable climate change knowledge. Because the Climate Web is such a comprehensive and flexible climate knowledge resource, we’ve structured a range of products for different user needs. If you don’t see what you need, let us know what that is!

The Climate Web organizes almost infinite information, but you’re looking for “actionable knowledge” specific to your interests and needs. Personalized Doorways help make that happen. 

Climate Web Enabled Ebooks combine the ease of use of an ebook with the goal of accessing actionable knowledge. Jump directly from our ebooks to curated knowledge in the Climate Web that is specific to key topics and questions.

Get faster and more flexible access to the Climate Web’s knowledge on your desktop computer. Download “slices” of the Climate Web and take advantage of hundreds to thousands of hours of expert information curation. With desktop access, you’ll be customizing your climate change knowledge system in minutes.