Climate Web knowledge products facilitate your access to all kinds of actionable climate knowledge. Because the Climate Web is such a comprehensive and flexible climate knowledge resource, we’ve structured a range of products for different user needs. If you don’t see what you need, let us know what that is!

Knowledge Products are always being improved and added to. With the exception of downloadable materials, prices reflect one year of online access to the product.

Climate Web Enabled Ebooks combine the ease of use of an ebook with the goal of accessing actionable knowledge. Jump directly from our ebooks to curated knowledge in the Climate Web that is specific to key topics and questions.

Quick Scans let you take advantage of the many hours we spend searching for materials to incorporate into the Climate Web. Access the latest headlines, reports, climate visualizations, and more.

Climate Q&As combine explanatory slides, graphics, news stories, reports, and more to bring you up to speed on complicated technical and policy questions in just a few minutes.

Topic Guides curate information specific to a climate topic or question. In just a few minutes, you can access resources that otherwise you could spend hours looking for in the Climate Web or weeks looking for on your own.

Topic Maps pull together multiple Topic Guides relevant to a topic (such as carbon pricing), allowing you to come at a topic from multiple directions. Topic Maps save you weeks to months of work in coming up climate learning curves.

There is no “one way” to make climate knowledge actionable. Climate Web downloads save you hundreds of hours of information collection and review. These knowledgebases let you structure the information you see in the Climate Web to best suit your needs and ways of thinking. With the desktop version of TheBrain® software, you’ll be customizing your own knowledge system in minutes.

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