Knowledge Products

Climate Web information products accelerate your access to, or allow you to modify to your own purposes, the information in the Climate Web in which you are most interested. Note that only a few products in each category show up on this page, but all can be accessed through product categories shown to the right of the page.

If you don’t see what would be of particular value to you, drop us a note! If we don’t already have it, we can probably build it pretty quickly.

With the exception of downloadable materials, prices reflect one year of access to information products.

Quick Looks

We are constantly scanning the climate horizon for news stories, reports, websites, and more to integrate into the Climate Web. Our Quick Looks let you take advantage of the many hours we spend searching for the most useful climate change materials. 

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Climate Q&A

Lots of climate change topics cross our desks or social media feeds. Our Climate Q&A series let you explore climate change questions in which you might have a particular interest. We’ve pulled together explanatory slides along with key graphics, news stories, reports, and more. In just a few minutes, you can come up to speed on questions that are more complicated than they first appear.

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Topic Guides

Topic Guides are customized guides to exploring climate change topics in the Climate Web. Our Topic Guides summarize issues associated with a topic, point you to particularly insightful graphics and ideas as well as key news stories, reports, and websites, and direct you to the Topical Headings and Index Entries you can use to dig deeper into the topic in the Climate Web. Our Topic Guides let you access in a few minutes resources you might spend hours looking for in the Climate Web — and weeks looking for on your own. Topic Guides are updated on an ongoing basis.

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Topic Maps

Our Topic Maps Collections take you to the next level in being able to rapidly understand and explore complex climate change topics. Topic Maps Collections always start with the relevant "101 Topic Guide," and then progress to key questions associated with the topic. Our Topic Maps Collections organize the best available information to help you explore and answer those questions. The Collections short-circuit weeks of work and research otherwise associated with coming up the learning curve for complicated climate change topics.

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Knowledgebase Downloads

Are you focused on a particular climate topic? If so, you probably find the Climate Web both promising and frustrating. You’d love to leverage the hundreds of hours of work that have gone into organizing and exploring a particular climate change topic, but maybe you would like to see the information organized differently. Maybe you would like to be able to adapt the information to your own needs.

With Downloadable Climate Knowledgebases you get a full slice of the Climate Web that you can modify and expand however you wish! You’ll be able to take advantage of the fact that the desktop version of the Climate Web’s TheBrain® software is much more powerful than the web interface suggests. TheBrain® software makes it remarkably simple to reorganize information, even using only the free version of the software. Some of our downloadable slices of the Climate Web are shown below — contact us for additional slices that may be available!

What are the options for pricing carbon? How is carbon pricing linked to climate change? What’s the right carbon price to mitigate climate change? To see how much information about carbon…

Can electric utilities adapt to a changing technology environment? What are the key disruptive technologies that will affect the sector? To see how much information the Climate Web pulls together…

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