Seed Brains for
Personal Knowledge Management 

Seed Brains support your personal knowledge management (PKM) goals. If you’re focused on climate change for personal or professional reasons, and you want to organize information in the way that makes the most sense for you, a Climate Web Seed Brain is the answer.

The Seed Brains listed below are designed for import into either the Free or Pro versions of TheBrain® software, Version 9. We hope to add Seed Brains for other software platforms in the future.

Seed Brains represent from hundreds to thousands of hours of expert curation and are priced accordingly. When you purchase a Seed Brain you will receive a Dropbox link as well as detailed instructions for starting or adding to your own TheBrain-based PKM system.

Climate Web Seed Brains Currently Available

The view below is live and interactive but iphone/Android-challenged. If you are having difficulty seeing the live view on your mobile device, please click this link instead.

Let us know what other climate change-specific Seed Brains you would like to see and we'll try to make them available. Contact us for information about customized Seed Brains based on your individual needs.

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There are many benefits of TheBrain® software beyond Seed Brains in the Climate Web. Our email course will show you how you can use this tool. 

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