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Why Purchase an Audience Roadmap?

Climate Web Audience Roadmaps help you rapidly navigate the Climate Web with a focus on the materials most likely to be of interest to you as representing a particular audience. 

Easy Topic Exploration

Roadmaps use text, videos, and hyperlinks to walk you through a topic and point you to the best resources organized in the Climate Web for a specific audience. 

Save Yourself Tons of Time

The Climate Web’s knowledge curation relevant to specific audience needs ranges from hundreds to thousands of hours. Audience Roadmaps can literally save you from dozens to hundreds of hours of exploring the Climate Web!


Once purchased, you will automatically receive updated Roadmaps for the topic as they become available, at no further cost.

Audience Roadmaps can be used by both Open Access and Premium Access users of the Climate Web. When you purchase a Roadmap, just let us know whether you are an Open Access or a Premium Assess user so we can send you the correct Roadmap version.

Interested in a different Audience Roadmap?

The Climatographers can create Audience Roadmap eBooks for almost any audience. Contact us to discuss a custom Audience Roadmap eBook.

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