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How Can Dashboards Help You?

There are a number of ways the Climatographers can customize your access to the Climate Web.

A Personal "Front Door"

A Personal Front Door pulls together in one place all the topics you want to be able to access regularly and most easily. Access your Personal Doorway with your own personal URL -- you will save a lot of time!

Research A Specific Topic

Researching a specific climate topic? The Climatographers can quickly organize the most relevant Climate Web materials for you, saving you hours of time -- and probably pointing you to great materials you wouldn't otherwise find.

Business Doorways

Preparing a memo, a presentation, or an internal workshop? Business Doorways can tackle almost any question that a company is asking itself today, or which a CEO might raise in a meeting, utilizing the best available thinking from numerous experts:

  • Are science-based targets an effective corporate strategy?
  • Are the probabilities of extreme events shifting?
  • What is the progress towards a low carbon transition?
  • How high could carbon prices go?
  • Is policy advocacy the way to manage systemic climate risk?
  • What are the likely outcomes of climate change litigation?
  • What do we know about long-tailed distribution of business climate risk?
  • Where is the Social Cost of Carbon headed?
  • Should we be purchasing carbon offsets? Which ones?

Organize a Conference

Are you organizing a conference and want presentations (or more) to be available to participants or the general public? A Doorway can do either.

Teaching A Class 

Want to organize materials for a class you are teaching on climate change? Do you want to help students take advantage of resources across the Climate Web? We can do that.

Customized Doorways/Dashboards

Don't see what it is that you need? Ask us for a quote!

Install A Dashboard on Your Website

Want to make information in the Climate Web available on your website? An embedded iframe on your website can point your website visitors to whatever view of the Climate Web you want them to be able to see. Updating such a Doorway is far easier than updating a website!

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