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Topical Roadmap eBooks help you explore key climate change topics. Roadmap eBooks are delivered as a PDF with numerous topical hyperlinks to relevant spots in the Climate Web, including curated collections of books, reports, journal articles, news and opinion pieces, videos, websites, and much more.

Roadmaps also point you to the most relevant Topical Dashboards in the Climate Web for exploring that topic. Each of these can save you from dozens to hundreds of hours of online searching! Roadmaps will point you directly to some of the best web resources we have found in thousands of hours of searching.

The pricing of Topical Roadmaps is value-based. More complex topics or better-developed Roadmaps are priced at a premium as compared to less complex topics or Roadmaps that are still in development. Business Roadmaps are priced at a premium as compared to Roadmaps aimed at general users.  


Once purchased, you will automatically receive updated Roadmaps for the topic as they become available, at no further cost.

Topical Roadmaps are relevant to Climate Web Open-Access and Premium Access users. Topical Roadmap eBooks are most useful to Open-Access users exploring the Climate Web online. If you have Premium Access to the Climate Web, we’ll point you to where we’ve embedded the eBook’s content and links in the Climate Web itself.

Interested in a different Roadmap Topic?

We can create Topical Roadmap eBooks for almost any subject. Contact us to discuss a new Topical Roadmap eBook.

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