Sea Level Rise and Climate as Real Estate Risk: How Big a Risk, How Soon?

This course will explore the extent to which real estate markets are or are not reflecting climate risks including sea level rise, and how big those risks actually are (or could become)

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Climate Change and Real Estate: How Big a Risk?

While real estate markets have begun to internalize climate risk, trillions of dollars of risk are not yet priced into real estate markets

Why You Need This Course

Benefit #1: What do we really know about current and future climate risks? Find out!

Benefit #3: Learn how the commercial and residential markets are responding (or are they?)

Benefit #2: Learn how to make sense of widely ranging forecasts, e.g. 1 to 10 feet of sea level rise by 2100

Benefit #4: Learn why ordinary people are almost certainly going to be badly hurt, and how to avoid that


I learned more from the Climatographers' earlier course on sea level rise than I did attending a two-day conference on sea level rise. Highly recommend them!

Joyce Coffee (President, Climate Resilience Consulting)


It’s amazing how hard it is to find good resources and thinking on carbon offsets. None of my typical channels/NGOs surface things like the Climatographers' carbon offsets course.

Max Scher (Senior Mgr, Sustainability, Salesforce)

This course will include ...


Module 1: What Can We Confidently Say About Sea Level Rise?

What do we mean by sea level rise, and why are sea levels rising? How much could oceans rise?


Module 2: The Real (Estate) Question: How Fast Will Seas Rise?

How can we bound sea level rise potential and how confident should we be about the worst case? What are the probabilities?


Module 3: The Commercial Real Estate Market's Response

How has the commercial market responded, and is the sector prepared? 


Module 4: The Residential Real Estate Market's Response

Are the risks to residential real estate well-documented? Are buyers and sellers acting in response to increased risk?

And More!

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About The Climatographers

The Climatographers’ climate change experience dates back to 1988, when Mark Trexler started working on the first carbon offsets and nature-based solutions to climate change at the World Resources Institute. Later he continued that work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The Climatographers’ Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff founded the first specialized U.S. climate risk consultancy in 1991, authored the first climate risk textbook in 2011, and founded the Climatographers in 2012 with the goal of facilitating access to actionable climate knowledge through knowledge management solutions like the Climate Web.

For more information see Mark’s or Laura’s LinkedIn profiles, and visit our Climate Web or Climatographer websites.

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